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WHAT CAN I EXPECT DURING MY PHOTO SESSION? You can expect your family to have fun. Children are expected to laugh, play, run, sing, and do whatever makes their heart content. A session goes best when parents do not encourage their children to "sit still" or smile on command. Kelly prefers to capture children as they are. Just let your children be, and trust that she will anticipate the moment to capture the types of images that drew you to her work.

WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? When it comes to what to wear remember to keep it simple. Solid colors are best. Try to avoid large or bold patterns as they draw attention away from the expressions of the face. The texture found in ribbed or cable knit material photographs beautifully. Denim is also a fantastic look. Regardless of the ages of your children, remember to try on the clothing the week before your shoot. Too often special outfits are saved for photos only to find the child has outgrown the clothing or it is still too large.

  • Children & Family: Dress everyone in the same style; do not mix casual wear with formal attire. Similar tones photograph best together. For color images create a theme, and have a color in each person's outfit that is the same. Avoid bright white shirts. Dads, save the starched white button down shirts for the office. Keep hairstyles and makeup simple, and clips or hair ribbons should be small. Kelly is a barefoot fan — avoid shoes and tights on kids for studio shoots and if weather permits outside too.
  • Newborn: Kelly loves photographing newborns! Babies are tiny for such a short time and their little features are easiest to capture when they are in minimal or no clothing. Parents should wear simple clothing with no pattern. For skin on skin photos parents may want to bring a tank or camisole.
  • Senior High School: Bring 3-4 outfits. You may also want to bring letter jackets or uniforms. Also bring any additional make-up, hair supplies or accessories you may need during the shoot.
  • Pregnancy: We have lots of materials that you see wrapped around the mommies on Kelly's website. For men wear long sleeves or no shirt rather than short sleeves. This helps draw the attention toward the mother's tummy. Mothers should wear very loose fitting clothing on the way to the appointment to avoid clothing marks on the tummy. Your hands are often included as part of the image. Please make sure fingernails are nicely manicured.

WHAT ABOUT HAIR AND MAKEUP?  If you would like assistance with hair and makeup, please contact Kathy Evans.

THIS IS SEATTLE...WHAT IF IT RAINS WHEN I HAVE AN OUTDOOR SESSION SCHEDULED? Kelly has a brand new studio in Sammamish. If the weather is questionable we can move your shoot in studio. There are multiple covered porches that work well for photos of kids and small groupings even when it is raining. During your session if the weather clears enough to shoot outside, we can easily move outside to shoot in the diverse areas surrounding the studio. There are also a few parks nearby that we can visit. If outdoor is the only type of shots you like and it rains, we can reschedule to another date in the future.

CAN I INCLUDE OUR PET IN PHOTOS?  Sure, pets are encouraged to be included in all outdoor photos. 

HOW SOON SHOULD I BOOK MY APPOINTMENT? To get the day of week, time of day, and month you desire, we strongly suggest that you book your date as soon as you know that Kelly is the photographer for you. Many people see Kelly's beautiful family work on display at Overlake Hospital in the Mother Baby as well as the Labor and Delivery area. Kelly tries her very best to accommodate last minute requests from parents but please plan ahead whenever possible as she can't guarantee she will have an appointment available.

WHEN CAN I EXPECT TO VIEW MY IMAGES?  Normal processing is approximately 2 weeks. One reason clients love Kelly's work is due to the care of each image during AND after the photo session. Kelly strives to give her clients plenty of choices of top notch images. Remember, great images take time!

WHEN IS PAYMENT DUE FOR MY PORTRAIT SESSION?  Preferred payment is by cash or check or Venmo and is due the day of the photo session. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.